ClipStrip – Clipboard Stripper


Source Code (C#)


ClipStrip is an application designed to make pasting thing between applications easier, to often when pasting from one source to another (the web to Gmail for instance) the formatting of the text from the web does not match the rest of your document. There are other ways of solving this issue, but this method is the easiest I’ve found.

The way it works: When you copy something to the clipboard, the program checks to see if that is Rich Formated text, or Unicode text, and converts it to Plain text, then it stores the text back into the clipboard, so when you paste it from the clipboard you get just the text.

The application, will start, enabled, and an icon will be available in the system tray, right click the icon for the ability to disable, enable, and exit the application, the icon will change to reflect its status.

**Note: as of writing this application does not work with OpenOffice due to the way it implements its clipboard

Notable Code:

This application was based on some VERY old source code, so the forms part of it is not the cleanest, but there is a great deal of interesting code [to me] in this little application, some of my favorites are

  • Forced single Instance
  • Use of embedded resources
  • Hook into clipboard via windows API