Downloads: Executable Source Code (C#) Description: This application suppresses windows key presses, it can be turned on and off from the system tray, the icon will indicated if its active or not. This application is useful when playing full screen games, many of which can be made to crash, or lose focus at the press[…]


Downloads: Executable Source Code (C#) Description: Auto Saver is an application that will send a user defined key stroke to a designated application through the user32.dll api based on a timer, the numlock key is used to suspend sending of the key sequence. If either the numlock key is off, or the user defined application[…]

I.P. Monitor

Downloads: Executable Source (C#/ NOTE: This source is very old, and not my best work, the utility compiles in vs 2010, but there are many better and more modern methods to accomplishing what this does. This source or application should not be used in a highly important environment. Description: I.P. Monitor is an application that[…]

Dice Roller

Downloads: Executable Source (C#) Description: Dice Roller, is just that a application designed for rolling dice, it uses the classic dnd style dice notation of xxdyy where xx is the number of die to roll, and yy is the sides of the die example is 1d20. dice roller also allows you to store custom die[…]

Image Steganographer

Downloads: GitHub Description: Image Steganographer, allows you to Encrypt and Decrypt 256 bit AES encrypted text “hidden” inside a jpg file. The image will work normally, the method use does not tact the information to the end of the file as many steganography programs do, this means the encrypted text will not likely be detected[…]