Extracting High Quality Images from extension Icons

If you want to get the icon associated with an extension in C# it’s fairly straightforward for icons no larger than 32×32. var csvIcon = System.Drawing.Icon.ExtractAssociatedIcon(@"C:\CsvFile.csv") Any larger than that, and it gets a lot harder this class library will allow you to extract 16×16, 32×32, 48×48, 256×256 https://github.com/bruceburge/ExtractPngOfExtIcon/tree/ClassLib

BlackOut – Screen Dimmer

Downloads: Executable Vista/Win7/Win10 Source Code (C#) Description: BlackOut is a multi-monitor screen dimmer application. This application was designed to reduce the brightness of your monitor or monitors, this can been extremely useful if you find yourself working in a dark environment, it is also very effective at offering a bit of privacy in crowded areas.[…]

Py(i)Alarm Clock

Downloads: Source Code (Python/Js) Description: Rasberry Pi Driven Alarm Clock using BlinkStick to power LEDs to act as an alarm, interface makes use of JQuery, BootStrap, and a few other JS libs. The LED color for the alarm based on my local weather, retrieved via service calls to openweathermap.org Notable Code:

This application will[…]

DB Schema Verifier

Downloads: Executable Source Code (C#) Description: This command line application was designed to perform two task, generate a Json schema of a database, and compare the generated schemas to report the difference between them. in my current company we often have the specific need to be able to compare schemas for ms access, ms sql,[…]

ClipStrip – Clipboard Stripper

Downloads: Source Code (C#) Description: ClipStrip is an application designed to make pasting thing between applications easier, to often when pasting from one source to another (the web to Gmail for instance) the formatting of the text from the web does not match the rest of your document. There are other ways of solving this[…]

File Crypter

Downloads: Source Code (C#) Description: File Crypter is a file encryption/decryption application, it handles both text and binary files, and features a key generator, its primary purpose is to offer an additional level of security when moving files around on the internet, or securely encrypting files without having to rely on commercial third party software,[…]

Jquery Alarm

Application Link: Jquery Alarm Clock Source Code (JavaScript/Jquery/Css) Description: This Application was started as an method to teach myself some of the basics of Jquery, the project was fun, slightly challenging, and over all works fairly well for the allotted time given to complete it, I spent a total of around 8 hours coding this,[…]

Show Desktop

Downloads: Github (C#) Description: This is an application to replace the old Show Desktop Button, functionally all this application does is use the windows API to send LWin+D and the exits, it simple and sweet, but when pinned next to the start button it serves the desired effect. Screen Shot(s): Notable Code: This application makes[…]

Pascii – Password Generator

Downloads: Executable Source Code (C#) Description: Pascii (pronounced Pass Key), uses a Private Key+User Name combo to generate unique strong passwords, It also serves to replace a traditional password vault applications (sort of), as it will always generate the same password for a given user name, as long as the same private key is used.[…]

Service Monitor

Downloads: Executable Source Code (Vb.Net) Description: Service monitor is an application designed to monitor the status of a specified service, it has a configurable email alert system that will send an email based on the options stated in the applications config file. Screen Shot(s): Notable Code: This Application has no configuration interface, and is configured[…]